Tree Preservation

To protect and preserve. We can take steps to limit the impact of external forces on trees. Damage to trees can be averted with a little forethought. Whether being impacted by a storm or by human activities we can take steps to limit the damage that is done to our precious trees.

Identifying tree structural issues and taking steps to mitigate these problems can be the difference between tree loss and retention. We specialize in tree support systems, including cabling, bracing and guying. Along with strategic load reduction we may be able to retain trees that others condemn.

Planning for human intervention can reduce or eliminate the impact we have on tree stability and health. The cutting of roots, compaction of soil, and grade changes can have an irreversible effect on trees. We can help you identify and anticipate these conflicts and take practical measures to avoid and limit the consequences for your trees. From a simple trench or a full scale home remodel your beloved trees may be at risk! Let us help you avoid those pitfalls.

Tree Services

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